MJL - Michael Lonsdale Group

Royal Mail, Mount Pleasant Sorting Office Como

Michael J Lonsdale provided the mechanical and electrical services for the refurbishment of the Royal Mail sorting centre with existing basement and ground floors remaining live throughout the project. Services have been refurbished in order to provide modern, efficient spaces suited to an increased occupancy. Existing ventilation services were de-commissioned and removed and new services including fans, ductwork and grilles have been fitted. A new LTHW heating system has been provided with new boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, radiators, pressurisation units, pipework, control valves and ancillary equipment being installed. New hot and cold water services have been installed throughout including new chillers, water tanks, booster sets, calorifiers and scale preventers. Above-ground drainage pipework for soil, waste and condensate has been installed as well as a BMS system. A new fully operational and complete electrical distribution system has been installed, including the replacement of 5 no package sub-stations whilst keeping the building live and fully operational, including a complete HV/LV cabling containment system. A complete lighting system has been installed incorporating lighting control. An analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system to give a category of protection as L1, with integration to the existing fire alarm systems. A new comprehensive security system with access control, intruder alarm, 3-way siphons and CCTV was included. A dedicated earth bar has been provided for the clean earth requirements of the ICT installation.