MJL - Michael Lonsdale Group

Quality Assurance

Michael J Lonsdale has achieved ISO9001 certification and implements quality assurance standards throughout the business.  Our QA procedures cascade through the business and at site level we task our supervisors and project managers with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining the standards of installation established in our quality assurance plan.  We ensure quality is maintained and standards enforced throughout the duration of the project.  We achieve our QA standards by implementing the following protocols.

  • Detailed planning                                                   
  • Approved material supplier list
  • Contract review of all project phases                       
  • Off-site inspections
  • Mock-ups/benchmarking
  • Self-snagging
  • Established and loyal sub-contractor base
  • O&M manuals
  • Snag-free handover
  • Perfect delivery
  • Michael J Lonsdale is ISO9001 certified

Our Policies